Fall is on the way

September has finally arrived, and with it, the big season of conventions is nearing its end for us this year. Our last big one was the Hot Air Balloons Festival in Gatineau at the beginning of the month, and now, aside from a few here and there, we are getting into a calmer routine at the stores.

A New Website!

The Gryphoness finally managed to gather the will (and find the time) to revamp the whole website!
We hope that this will make your browsing experience easier and more pleasant.
Also, we were kind of overdue for a mobile-responsive edition!

June 16th 2016

With Summer (trying to show up) on our doorstep, the conventions season has finally begun for us. So, the Gryphons have packed their stuff and hit the road to travel East and West to various shows and conventions. You can find our schedule in the Calendar section (subject to changes if we add or cancel shows).